Why would I purchase a alpaca fleece throw rug?

Alpaca fur is one of the most desirable fibre’s on the market.  Alpaca hair also happens to be one of the most expensive fibres, but considering its benefits, the price is well worth it.

Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a 100% baby alpaca throw.  This wonderful fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, exceptional quality, smooth and silky and Eco-friendly.  Alpaca is as warm as sheep’s wool yet only 1/3 of its weight.  Alpaca fibre is naturally stain resistant, wicks away moisture from your body and it is breathable, keeping you warm but not too hot.

What quality are you buying?

100% Peruvian Royal Super Baby Alpaca

Microns 19.0 – 19.5 (this makes this fibre extremely rare, only 1% of the fibre is of this standard, makes it more luxurious to touch) compared to most Baby Alpaca fibre which is 0 to 22.9 microns. The smaller the microns of the fibre, the more luxurious and rare it is.

100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca

Microns 20.0 to 22.9 The smaller the microns of the fibre, the more luxurious and soft.

Natural Beige organic, no colourant or chemicals – rarer natural colour – only 1% of total alpaca fibre can be classified as Royal Alpaca, and from that 1% it is mainly white, natural beige is a truly luxurious rare find.

Benefits of Alpaca Fleece

Warmer than wool, cashmere and cotton

Naturally Hypoallergenic

Naturally stain resistant

Royal alpaca classifications only happen in the Peru Andean regions (and some in nearby Bolivia) These classifications are done by hand, by artisans who select the finest alpaca fibre between both breeds of Alpaca (Suri and Huacaya).  This Alpaca fibre selection is impossible to be done in any other part of the World.

Ethically Sourced.  By purchasing our throw rugs, you are helping to support many Andean highland families which live below the poverty line. Our manufacturer purchases the Alpaca fibre directly from these families at a fair-trade price and processes the beginning to end product.  Yarn is not purchased from the oligopoly company players in Peru unlike other products on the market.

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