Silk Scrunchies

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Silk hair ties and silk scrunchies, that look amazing, and won’t pull or tug on your hair?  Yes, you heard correct, add to that, our silk scrunchies and silk hair ties will not strip your hair of extra moisture.  We are sure you will agree, our Mulberry silk scrunchie range, with real 19 momme and 22 momme mulberry silk, is like a match made in heaven.  No more pony tail tangles.  Your hair will look amazing.

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Silk Scrunchies


Luxury Mulberry silk hair scrunchies with 12 fun modern colours

Who said the 80’s and 90’s were over, in 2019 we are now bringing back the famous scrunchies with our 100% mulberry silk scrunchies and silk hair ties, thin silk scrunchies.  With our new Lujo Home 100% mulberry silk scrunchies you will forget this is the year is 2019.   With the benefits of our long strand grade A pure mulberry silk, your hair will thank you for the extra luxury.

Yes, these silk scrunchies are luxury for your hair, Hair ties, that look amazing, and won’t pull or tug on your hair?  Yes, you heard correct, add to that, our new silk hair ties will not strip your hair of extra moisture.  We are sure you will agree, our new hair scrunchie range, with real 19 momme mulberry silk, is like a match made in heaven.  No more pony tail tangles.  Your hair will look amazing.


What makes our Lujo Home silk scrunchies so awesome?

  • We only use the highest quality Mulberry silk.  Our 19 and 22 momme silk is all grade 6A long strand silk.  This means it will not only be silky smooth but long lasting too.
  • No synthetic silk or cotton in our scrunchies that can draw moisture from your hair
  • The elastic in our silk scrunchies and hair ties is designed to last.  Giving enough room to tie your hair and keep it looking good for the day
  • 12 fun colours, ranging from pink to black
  • Lujo Home is a South Australian owned family business.  By shopping with us you are supporting local.  We value great customer service and have quick delivery.  (We never ship from outside Australia)
  • Mulberry silk is an easy care, natural product.  A quick hand wash or machine wash in a delicates bag (see below for more detail)

Silk hair tieSilk scrunchies and silk hair ties in more detail

  • Nine modern colours.  Our 22 momme silk scrunchies and hair ties are available in ivory white, pink, caramel, plum purple, blue, navy blue, dark grey and black.  Our 19 momme scrunchies are available in teal, red, emerald green, and silver grey.
  • Two sizes in our range:  We sell both the larger thicker scrunchies as well as the thinner hair tie option
    Tip: You can always use multiple scrunchies to create a fuller scrunchie look
  • Fun packaging. Our premium Mulberry silk scrunchies come in their own organza bag. Perfect for a special gift (or spoil yourself).
  • Super easy payment options:  We offer Paypal, Visa, Mastercard, American Express.  We also offer take home layby options with Afterpay, Zip, Laybuy, Humm and Latidude Pay.  Please see options at checkout.
  • Made in China



Silk Scrunchies and silk hair ties Australia


FAQ: Why should I choose a Lujo Home silk scrunchies

Are silk scrunchies good for your hair?

You have probably heard how good our silk pillowcases are for your skin and hair, the same reasons make silk the perfect choice for scrunchies.  With silks naturally shiny surface, you will find your hair stays nicer and healthier.  Even when having it tied up for the day.

How do I wash my luxury silk scrunchies and silk hair ties?

Silk is very easy care.  Mulberry silk is a natural fibre and a little extra care will go a long way.  Always wash your silk scrunchies in cold water with a silk approved detergent.  They are best washed by hand.  No Bleach.  Dry flat in shade.  Do not tumble dry.

What is the best scrunchie?

We all know silk scrunchies look fabulous, but are they better for your hair?  Silk has a natural shiny, silky surface.  When it comes to tying your hair this can make a difference to the long term health of your hair.  As a result, silk is more gentle on your hair, especially weak, and damaged hair.  With a reduction of friction and tension compared to traditional elastic ties.  A silk scrunchie or thin silk scrunchie can reduce the breakage and damage associated with having your hair tied up all day.

Why are scrunchies so popular?

It seems some of the 80’s fashion trends are back!  With our pure Mulberry silk scrunchies you are also caring for your hair.  They don’t rip your hair like some hair ties do.  Scrunchies are both fun and easy when it comes to accessories.  A quick way to tie up your hair, or a great way to add a splash of colour to your outfit.

Whats the difference between a thick silk scrunchie and a thin silk hair tie?

Our thicker silk scrunchies are perfect for anyone who wants that 80’s style scrunchie look.  Some people choose to use two at a time to get an even fuller scrunchie look.  While our thin silk hair ties or thin silk scrunchies are smaller so can blend into your hair more, and not be so noticeable.  Perfect for people who wear normal hair ties but want to reduce the damage to their hair.  We think they both look awesome.

I’d Prefer less packaging, can my scrunchie come without the organza bag?

Absolutely! just let us know in the notes section of your order and we can package your order without it!

What do our customers think?

Silk hair ties Australia


Lela J. Verified Buyer

Silk scrunchies are the next best thing for your hair.  I love that I can get it locally and the website is so easy to navigate. Price is a bonus.  I love how it doesn’t leave a dent on my hair and its gentle on my hair yet secure enough for me to use throughout yoga without hair falling out.

Knowing that it is a local business that I am helping out is all the more I should purchase from.


Anita. Verified Buyer

I love my silk scrunchie, I wear it literally every day!

Additional Information

Weight.01 kg
Dimensions2 × 5 × 1 cm

Black 22 momme triple pack, Black 22 momme single pack, Navy 22 momme triple pack, Navy 22 momme single pack, Dark grey 22 momme triple pack, Dark Grey 22 momme single pack, Steel blue 22 momme triple pack, Steel Blue 22 momme single pack, Caramel 22 momme triple pack, Caramel 22 momme single pack, Pink 22 momme triple pack, Pink 22 momme single pack, Purple 22 momme triple pack, Purple 22 momme single pack, Mid Blue 22 momme single pack, Teal 19 momme single pack, Red 19 momme single pack, Emerald Green 19 momme single pack, Silver grey 19 momme single pack, White 22 momme single pack, Sea green 25 momme


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Lujo Home


Pure grade A long strand Mulberry silk – 19 Momme and 22 Momme


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