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Silk Quilts



  • MATERIAL:  100% silk floss filled quilt – 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk with premium cotton outer shell
  • INNER FILLING: 100% pure and natural long strand grade A silk floss (no off cuts or inferior silk)
  • SILK FILLING WEIGHT: Silk filling weight ranges from .9kg for king single, 1kg for a summer queen size quilt to 2.2kg for our mid to winter warmth super king silk duvet – see table below for details.  We have both Summer – Mid warmth weight and Mid – Winter warmth weight options.
  • OUTER FABRIC SHELL:  100% Premium Cotton Outer
  • SIZE: Your choice of –  King single / Double quilt 180 x 210 cm | Queen quilt 210 x 210 cm | King quilt 240 x 210 cm | Super king silk quilt – 270 x 240cm
  • TESTING:  OEKO – Tex Standard 100
  • QUANTITY: 1 Mulberry silk quilt

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Silk Quilts


Lujo Home premium range of silk quilts / silk duvets.  Made with a filling of 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk and a quality cotton outer.


It’s quite a mouth full isn’t it, but the quality does make a difference.  Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a Mulberry silk quilt, silk duvet.  Our sizes range from king single silk quilt, right up to our super king silk quilt.  This wonderful fibre is naturally hypoallergenic, exceptional quality and Eco-friendly.



Are you getting top quality mulberry silk?


Unfortunately with the price of premium mulberry silk many manufacturers cut corners and sell a cheaper product with an inferior silk inside to unsuspecting buyers.  Often this ‘silk’ is actually a mix of synthetic material with a lower grade of silk cutoffs which does not have the same quality or benefits.  For this reason we have included a small zip for you to inspect the quality of the silk you have purchased.  This gives you as a buyer, piece of mind.

Silk is a natural heat regulator, it helps to maintain the air around you when you sleep.  Being at a comfortable temperature allows for a deeper sleep.  Silk does not conduct heat or static electricity, so it helps to maintaining the correct body temperature for you.  Although heat is retained by our Mulberry silk duvet during cold temperatures, it does not get trapped.  This allows you to stay cool in the summer and warm in the winter.  A silk quilts thermal properties can be a great advantage to anyone with Menopause issues or night sweats.  Helping to alleviate sweating can also mean less aging of your skin.



A silk duvet is naturally Hypoallergenic


For asthma and allergy sufferers, there are many triggers such as chemicals and common indoor allergens which can aggravate both diseases.  Silk is very hygienic and is resistant to dust and other common causes of allergen issues.  Silk contains a natural compound called Sericin.  This helps to repel bugs such as dust mites, bacteria and mould.  This is good news for anyone as these may lead to challenges for people who face allergies, asthma, skin rashes and other health issues.



Soft and Lightweight pure Mulberry silk filling


The same warmth with a fraction of the weight of other fillings.  Our Cotton covered silk floss duvets weight less than a feather/down filled duvet of the same heat-insulating capabilities due to the heat insulating properties of silk and the thermal preserving structure of the floss sheets.  A lighter weight duvet can assist a better sleep for some people with health issues.  The lighter weight can be a relief for people with a variety of health issues such as blood circulation and arthritis.



Learn more about the Lujo Home Silk Quilts


  • Our silk floss is the best quality pure long strand grade 6A Mulberry silk.  Each quilt includes a small zipped section in the cotton outer, so you can inspect the silk floss for yourself.  (zip is only approximately 10cm) See video below:



  • Lujo Home silk filled quilts have a quality cotton outer, for softness and durability.  The cotton outer holds your silk floss filling.  Cotton also prevents slipping inside your quilt cover (quilt cover not included), like other quilts with a silk outer can. This also reduces the price of our quality quilts.  Making them more affordable for everyday use.
  • Quality stitching, and a quilted design to keep the silk floss filling in place year after year.
  • For people who like to have their quilt cover stay in place we have included tie spots on each corner and side of our duvets.  This allows it to be tied in place with a suitable quilt cover.



Silk quilt Australia silk filling



Silk filled quilt details:


  • MATERIAL:  100% mulberry silk Floss filled quilt – 100% grade A long strand mulberry silk with cotton outer shell.
  • INNER FILLING:  100% pure and natural long strand grade A silk floss
  • SILK FILLING WEIGHT:  Filling ranges from 900g in our king single silk duvet (summer) to 2270 g in our super king silk duvet (winter).
    See picture below:



Silk Quilt filling guide



  • OUTER FABRIC OUTER SHELL:  100% Premium Cotton outer
  • COLOUR: White cotton outer
  • BRAND:  Lujo Home
  • SIZE: Your choice of –  King Single / Double silk quilt 180 cm x 210 cm | Queen silk quilt 210 x 210 cm | King silk quilt 240 x 210 cm | Super king silk quilt 270 x 240 cm
  • RECOMMENDED:  Recommended to be used inside a quilt cover of your choice for protection, not included with this product
  • TESTING: OEKO – Tex Standard 100 Certified
  • PACKAGING: Our Lujo Home quilts come packaged in a cotton bag
  • QUANTITY: 1 Mulberry silk filled quilt



Care instructions for silk quilts

Care instructions will vary depending on which Lujo Home silk quilt you purchase.  Our summer/mid quilts are able to be machine washed.  Washing should be on the most gently setting.  Using a silk approved detergent, in luke warm / cold water under 30 degrees celcius.  Although a gentle was is possible our quilts are recommended to only be spot cleaned if possible for longevity.

Our mid to winter quilts are recommended to be a spot cleaned only due to the extra silk filling.


What do our customers think?



Beautiful Quilt so much lighter than wool quilts I have used in the past. There is no heavy feeling when it is covering you, It really is a luxurious feeling, I just can’t believe I waited this long to change to silk! Melissa is amazing so easy to talk to and kept me up to date, you definitely do not find this kind of customer service in a big business. Thank you!



It is light but warm and beautiful to sleep under. I am very happy with it. The silk pillow case adds to beautiful, restful sleeping. Thank you.



Love it! Feels very luxurious.. I was expecting it to be really lightweight and I was a little worried when I ordered as I do like to feel something on me, but it’s perfect.. Nice and warm will need an extra blanket in winter though.



I don’t wont to get out of bed now!  I’ve had many silk doonas over the years but this is by far the best quality and price! Highly recommended!



Additional information

Weight2660 g
Dimensions38 × 28 × 23 cm
Silk filling weight / Size

1410 King (Mid weight), 900g Double / King single (summer-mid), 1320g Double / King single (mid-winter), 800g Queen Bed (extra light summer), 1050g Queen Bed (summer-mid), 1540g Queen bed (mid-winter), 1200g King Bed (summer-mid), 1760g King Bed (mid-winter), 1540g Super King (summer to mid), 2270g Super King (mid to winter)


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