Insulated wine tumbler / smoothie cup 725mls


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Style up your kitchen with our modern insulated wine tumbler / smoothie cup.  With a simple crisp look our insulated wine tumbler is perfect for all hot or cold drinks, ranging from smoothies, wine to coffee.


Insulated wine tumbler

Our oversized double wall, insulated wine tumbler or smoothie cup is the perfect travel companion.  Eco friendly and convenient, use it a party, barbecue, or everyday use around the house.  With a simple crisp look our insulated tumbler is perfect for all hot or cold drinks.  Use for any drink ranging from coffee, tea, wine, or even your favourite cheeky cocktail.

Available in a large size smoothie cup, holding 725mls of your favourite drink.  Its the perfect addition to your reusables range.  Pair it with our reusable drinking straws, insulated wine glass and cutlery set range to help reduce your use of plastics around your home.

Learn more about the insulated wine tumbler / smoothie cup

  • Insulated to keep your drink cooler or stay hot
  • Insulation stops outside of cup getting condensation
  • Insulation stops outside of cup getting to hot or cold to hold
  • Removable lid (with an open section to drink from or for a straw)
  • Modern brushed stainless steel finish
  • Perfect as a reusable coffee cup
  • Eco-friendly insulated cup
  • Fantastic gift for the Eco-consious person, or someone who appreciates wine
  • Neutral colour so will fit in with any lifestyle
  • Includes reusable straw in stainless steel colour

Product details

  • Width 10cm at the top
  • Width at bottom
  • Height 20cm
  • Material: 304 stainless steel
  • Capacity 725 mls
  • Packaging – no packaging, only packed in plain shipping box
  • Smoothie cup brand – Lujo Home logo on bottom of cup
  • Package size 21 x 11 x 10 cm
  • Package contains one stainless steel double wall cup, one clear lid and one bent stainless steel straw
  • Weight 720g
  • Made in China


Leave a spare insulated drink cup in your car for any smoothie/juice drink purchases on the run, saves on single use cups and helps our environment.


So if you want to introduce some style and convenience to your reusable drinkware range, the Lujo Home insulated wine tumbler is extra large and eco friendly.  Buy yours today from Lujo Home.

Additional information

Weight750 g
Dimensions22 × 11 × 11 cm


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