Eco Products – Koala Donation Pack

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Eco Products – Koala Donation Pack

The perfect eco-gift right now is one that brings you beauty and helps some very beautiful Australian Koalas.

Lujo Home is excited to announce the new Koala Donation Pack!

Now, you can give someone you care about (or yourself!) the most amazing eco-friendly gift idea, combining beautiful eco-luxury products with a way for you to help the Koalas.

10 % of the proceeds of each Koala Donation Pack will go to the Southern Koala Rescue from Southern South Australia.  It will be donated through the Warrawong Sanctuary Foundation.


Koala donation pack

This pack includes:

A metal straw pack  –

  • Pack includes – 4 metal straws, 1 cleaner brush and 1 reusable bag
    All straws are branded Lujo Home
  • Colour – multicolour, each straw has multiple colours on it.  1 x Standard 6 mm straight, 1 x standard 6 mm bent, 1 x smoothie straight, 1 x bubble tea straight


A Bamboo reusable cutlery set

  • Set includes knife, fork, spoon, chopsticks, straw and metal straw cleaner
  • Eco friendly bamboo which is a renewable alternative to plastic waste
  • Comes with a roll up storage bag for use on the go
  • Great for camping and travel as well as every day use


A Bamboo toothbrush set

  • A 4 pack of bamboo toothbrushes
  • Each pack contains four
  • Long lasting bristles which are soft and fine.  Great for effective cleaning of your teeth and gums
  • Colours included: Light Pink, Purple, Light Blue, Leaf Green
  • No plastic packaging or handle, so great for reducing plastic too


FAQ how can we help the Southern Koala Rescue, we asked Mish some very important questions:

QUESTION: How important is it that Australians do something to help save our Koalas?

ANSWER:  Incredibly important, especially after the bushfires on the east coast have devastated populations and their habitat. It is now more important then ever that Australian do whatever they can in order to save the koalas we have left before it is too late.


QUESTION: Does every donation count when it comes to helping the Koalas?

ANSWER: It sure does. The more donations we get the more we can do, the more data we can gather, the more research that can happen and the more habitat that can be created and restored.


QUESTION: What do you love most about Koalas?

ANSWER: The fact that they can be quite dangerous when you initially to help them but then they learn to trust you and then you see their individual personalities come out.


QUESTION:  How expensive is it for wildlife carers and organizations to care for, rescue, treat and rehome Koalas in need?

ANSWER:  (Release is probably a better word than rehome because our main aim is to return all koalas back to their home territories in the wild)
A Between vet bills, formula, supplement feeds and petrol spent rescuing, transporting and collecting browse to feed koalas, carers spend thousands of their own money each year to do what they do.


QUESTION: This question is for Melissa from Lujo Home:  Why have you chosen Southern Koala Rescue to raise money with this Lujo Home eco pack.

ANSWER: (Melissa) I met Mish one evening in the beginning of 2019.  My father found a beautiful Koala in his backyard tree and having a swimming pool was very concerned.  One phone call to Southern Koala Rescue and Mish came straight away to help this Koala and explained we were correct to be concerned due to drowning risks.

It was as great experience watching Mish and the work that the team do, taking so much time out of their own lives (and money out of their own pockets) to help these beautiful Koalas.  A few weeks later we also called on Southern Koala rescue to help a heat stressed possum, whom I am pleased to report can now we seen running along our fence at night with a baby on her back!

Having been so saddened from the news of the bushfires in the eastern states and the effect on the Koalas in the area it really hit home how we can all help the native wildlife.


You can find more information about the Southern Koala Rescue and the great work they do on Facebook

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