Eco Friendly Product Bundle

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Eco friendly Product Bundle


Our LUJO Home eco friendly product bundles includes everything you will need to get yourself off to a great start with your eco home ware collection.  It’s much easier to be more environmentally friendly and reducing plastic waste with these great looking accessories.

With multiple colour options and the choice between two sizes of reusable cups, we have something for everyone.


Eco friendly product BUNDLES INCLUDE:


Reusable cotton produce bagsReusable produce bags Australia


Reusable produce bags are a “must have” for your every day shopping trip.  Our Lujo Home produce bags are made from organic cotton.  They are easily hand washed and made to last.  A pack of three are included.  At 25 cm x 25 cm they each fit up to 2 kg approximately of produce.



Reusable Cutlery Set AustraliaReusable bamboo cutlery set


Our Lujo Home quality reusable bamboo cutlery set includes eight pieces.  A spoon, a knife, a fork, a set of chopsticks, a bamboo straw and a stainless steel straw cleaner.  Best quality and made to last.  All in its own reusable travel roll.



Insulated reusable cupreusable cups insulated


Our Eco Friendly product bundle give you the choice of cup.  Choice between two sizes and four colours. Either cup option are easy care, but please hand wash and do not use in the dishwasher due to their beautiful painted finish.  They are long lasting stainless steel, with a plastic closable lid.  All cups have lids that are splash proof.  Lids are not waterproof as do not seal tight.

Our short insulated cup holds 360mls of your favourite hot or cold drink (or soup).  The width at the widest point is approximately 10 cm.  They may not fit in car cup holders due to the width of the cup.  Each pack with a small reusable cup has a choice of either black, purple, rose gold or green.

Our tall insulated reusable cup holds approximately 475mls of your favourite hot or cold drink and being smaller at the base (approx 7cm)  will fit in most cup holders.  Colour choice in our tall range are either black, rose gold or purple.



Reusable stainless steel straw packLujo Home stainless steel straw review


Every eco friendly product bundle contains our most popular straw pack. Our straw pack includes 1 x 6mm straight, 1 x 6mm bent, 1 x 8mm straight, 1 x 12mm straight, a carry bag and a stainless steel cleaner.  Colour choice to match the cup includes either black, multicolour or rose gold.  See each individual listing for each photo.  The multicolour straws are fun as they shine various colours from green, purple, blue right through to yellow, pink and gold depending on the angle or light.



Additional Information

Weight1 kg
Dimensions20 × 15 × 15 cm
Colour and cup shape

Short black cup and straws, Tall black cup and straws, Short rose gold cup and straws, Tall rose gold cup and straws, Short purple cup & multicolour straws, Tall purple cup & multicolour straws, Short green cup & multicolour straws, Tall green cup & multicolour straws


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