Alpaca Blankets

Style up your bedroom or living area with our luxury pure alpaca blankets. Soft, stylish and made from a stunning natural fiber and colour.  This pure alpaca blanket 100% alpaca fibre of the finest quality.

  • 100% Royal Baby Alpaca throw blanket  19.0 – 19.5 microns.  Our baby alpaca blankets  20.0 to 22.9 microns
  • Hypoallergenic, silky and eco-friendly.
  • Alpaca is as warm as sheep’s wool yet lightweight in comparison.  Breathable, moisture wicking.
  • SIZE:  150cm x 180 cm

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Alpaca Blankets

Extra soft, the finest quality fleece, fair trade 100% Alpaca blanket

We stock both super royal baby alpaca fibre and baby alpaca blankets.  Our royal range of throw rugs contains no colorants or dyes as it is made from the natural colour of the alpaca. Our baby alpaca throw rug range is comes from the finest fleece, in a stunning modern colour range.

A Lujo Home alpaca blanket – affordable luxury for your home decor

Alpaca fur is one of the most desirable fiber’s on the market.  Its not surprising to think a throw blanket, as rare as this, is an even more luxurious option.  Alpaca fiber also happens to be one of the most expensive fibers.  When you consider the benefits of this stunning throw blanket range, the price is well worth it.
Treat yourself to the ultimate luxury of a 100% royal baby alpaca blanket throw.  This wonderful fiber is naturally hypoallergenic, exceptional quality, smooth, silky and eco-friendly.   Alpaca fiber is more stain resistant. It wicks away moisture from your body, it is breathable, keeping you warm but not too hot.

Learn more about our alpaca blankets

  • Alpaca fibre is as warm as sheep’s wool, yet only 1/3 of its weight. Warmer than wool, cashmere and cotton
  • Naturally hypoallergenic and stain resistant
  • Royal super baby range have no colourant. They are created from natural fibre with no additives. Our natural beige and natural white are made from organic fibre. There is no colourant or chemicals needed to produce the finished colour. The beige is a rarer natural colour – only 1% of total alpaca fibre is classified as royal alpaca.  From this 1% it is mainly white, natural beige is a truly luxurious rare find.
  • The smaller the micron the more luxurious the finished product. A small micron fibre means less chance of having the itchy feeling you get from lesser grades of wool as a result you get a far more remarkable blanket. Royal baby blankets are made from a very fine yarn. They have microns of 19.0 – 19.5. (this makes this fibre rare, only 1% of the fibre is of this standard, makes it more luxurious to touch).  The smaller the microns of the fibre, the more luxurious and rare it is. Our baby alpaca blankets are made from fibre between 20.0 to 22.9 microns
  • Buying our pure alpaca blankets, you are not only supporting a local business. You are also helping to support many Andean highland families. 

Alpaca blanket – Details:

  • 100% Alpaca blankets made from Peruvian royal super baby, and baby fibre yarn
  • Our baby alpaca blankets is created from yarn where each fibre is between 20.0 to 22.9 microns. Our royal baby range from 19 – 19.5 micron
  • Colours: Royal baby range – natural beige, natural white (organic)Baby range – red, grey, black
  • Size: All throw rugs are size 150cm x 180cm

FAQ’sbaby peruvian alpaca

Question:  How is alpaca fibre classified?
Answer:  The royal alpaca fibre classifications are done in the Andean regions of Peru. (Some, nearby in Bolivia). These classifications are only possible by hand.  The skilled artisans select the finest alpaca fibre. The fibre comes from both breeds of Alpaca (Suri and Huacaya). 
This Alpaca fibre classification is only conducted in Peru. This makes is impossible to classify the alpaca fleece in this way in any other part of the World.
Question:  What makes these blankets ethically sourced?
Answer:  The Andean families (from who we source our fibre), live below the poverty line.  Our manufacturer only uses alpaca fiber purchased directly from these families.  Always at a fair-trade price.  The manufacturer processes from the beginning, to the end.
Many alpaca blankets from Peru, do not support these families.  Our yarn is not purchased from the oligopoly companies in Peru.  Which as a result supports more of these families.


Use you new Alpaca blanket will add an amazing pop of colour used as a throw rug on your lounge or bed.


Additional Information

Weight .5 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 4 cm
Colour | Fibre Microns

Beige Royal Baby Alpaca 19-19.5 Microns, White Royal Baby Alpaca 19-19.5 Microns, Red Baby Alpaca 20-22.9 Microns, Grey Baby Alpaca 20-22.9 Microns, Black Baby Alpaca 20-22.9 Microns


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