Harness the Power of Plant Based Nutrition for Your Better Health, more energy & even weight management

As we start to approach another new year, many of you are likely looking for ways to get into better health. With a lack of energy, issues of weight gain, difficulty thinking clearly, it’s no wonder people are looking for better, simpler options for their health regime. There’s never a bad time to make your lifestyle healthier, however with the start of a new year, it makes for a way to start fresh.

One of the best ways to make a fresh start is to start each morning off anew. A refreshing way to accomplish this is an amazing plant based superfood nutrition drink to kick off your day. Nutrient dense plant drinks in particular are an easy way to gulp down most of the healthy vitamins and minerals your body needs for the day in one tasty drink.  Imagine replacing most of your synthetic vitamins with just one, simple drink each morning?


More Moringa, more energy, & better health

Among all the health supplements out there, one to pay attention to is moringa olifera. Moringa Olifera, in particular Supermix, has been garnering the affections of the health community for some time largely due to its clinical success. According to Dr. Plant though, it really does matter where your moringa olifera comes from. Moringa oleifera is the most nutrient dense of the entire genus of moringa but it also depends on where it has been grown as well as when, & how it has been harvested as well as processed to a finished product. This is where most companies go wrong. What you want to look for when choosing a moringa supplement is moringa olifera that has been sourced near the base of the Himalayan Mountains in India.

If you want to try moringa, as a supplement drink, or even to add more plant based nutrition to your nutrient dense smoothies, you should also take care to select a moringa supplement that has not been dried using UV radiation. That’s because those rays can damage the nutrients that make this such a potent superfood and render it ineffective.

Another important point when choosing a moringa supplement is to consider the blend used. Moringa’s nutritional power is found in a variety of parts of the tree. The leaves have a huge concentration of amino acids are bodies need. The seeds contain fatty acids, plus the fruit of the tree contains minerals that serve to maximize cell-to-cell communication. Additionally, you should choose a manufacturer of moringa supplement that uses a manufacturing process that upholds the quality of this superfood so you can reap all the benefits. The one that I found to be the most beneficial to supplement my health is right here. It’s safe enough to give children too, which is good news for those with picky eaters. You won’t need to worry they’re not getting the proper nutrition they need when you supplement with moringa.


Are Prebiotics important for better health?healthy fitness extra energy plant nutrition moringa olifera exercise

Another game-changer for bringing about better health is to add more prebiotics to your diet. As you energy, health and lifestyle improve you will more than likely opt for more plant based nutrition, prebiotics are essential to nurture your system.

There are approximately 700,000,000,000 bacterial cells in our gut. What’s even more fascinating is that scientists have just discovered that the gut is basically our second brain.

Getting enough good bacteria in your body is essential for its proper function, however thanks to an epidemic of over prescribing antibiotics, these symbiotic bacterial companions of ours get flushed out and create worse problems than the ailments that plagued us before taking antibiotics.

With gut bacteria working as it should, you will find your immune system is stronger since it guards against bacterial infections from bad bacteria. It also protects your emotional health, regulating the metabolism, and absorbing nutrients efficiently by priming the foods we eat for optimum absorption.

In order to keep this gut bacteria thriving and working harmoniously along with us, we need prebiotics. Your body can’t absorb prebiotics, but your gut bacteria can. It helps nourish them and make them flourish. You can always eat more foods with prebiotics that occur naturally within them. Foods like asparagus, cabbage, legumes, and leeks are good sources of prebiotics. Two of the biggest powerhouse sources for prebiotics though are chicory root and moringa oleifera.

What I found most helpful in replenishing my health and wellness was to incorporate a supplement that had added natural prebiotics in them with both chicory root and moringa oleifera. This suppliment is called Smartmix. Adding these to your smoothies or juices each day or even just plain water, will not only give you the nutrition you need but also help to strengthen your gut bacteria. I noticed a major change for the better when I began incorporating more prebiotics into my diet. The biggest changes though came after I started taking a supplement that contained moringa oleifera and chicory root in it though.


The Takeaway – your journey to better health

If you have found you feel sluggish, your diet may be to blame. Plant based nutrition is growing in popularity for a reason and it’s not because it’s the trendy “IT” thing to do. As more and more research proves the benefits of a plant based diet, it’s time to really pay attention to how that affects you, your health, and your longevity.

We really can’t go on like this with the way most of us consume food and beverages. It’s showing in full force with the epidemics of obesity, diabetes, and other chronic illnesses. Some of you may balk at going cold turkey and jumping right into a plant based nutrition lifestyle, but give it a try by slowly stepping into it. One of the best ways to make one small yet powerful change is to start with nutrient dense Supermix.

Supermix makes it easy to get all those fantastic plant enriched nutrients even on the go. Best of all, you’ll be giving your body an extra boost of nutrition and leading your way to better health and a better quality of life.

The best way to buy Supermix & Smartmix is direct from the company yourself, this LINK HERE will take you a page where you can choose to purchase either wholesale (because who doesn’t want the best price) or retail.  Just make sure you select the country you want delivery, and decide what products you want. Whatever you prefer!  If we can help you with anything please Contact Us HERE.

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