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Where to buy stainless steel straws in Adelaide, Australia


Buy the best stainless steel straws online or shop at our current pop up shops at Westfield Marion, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza, or Adelaide.


Where to buy stainless steel straws in Adelaide.  Buy the best range of reusable straws online.  Shop in person at our temporary pop up shops at Westfield Marion, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza or, Adelaide.   We all know plastic straws are made from a by-product of petrol and they’re bad for the environment, but did you know that a safer, more sustainable option is available right here in Adelaide?



You can find Lujo Home metal straws and eco focused products at:



  • Shop for all our Lujo Home quality products at our South Australian family owned ONLINE STORE


  • Westfield Marion: Westfield Marion shopping centre outside Medibank Private just down from Big W on the ground floor, KMart end at the Flash retail pop up stand (in-store Afterpay available)
  • Westfield Tea Tree Plaza:  Just outside Optus at the Flash retail pop up stand (in-store Afterpay available)
  • Lujo Home is a trader with the permanent pop up Flash retail Kiosk.  Please check back here for current locations as this website will be updated if we add or remove any locations







Stainless Steel straws Westfield Marion Adelaide Lujo Home

Currently you can find the Lujo Home stand as part of the Flash Retail permanent popup at Westfield Marion Oaklands Park Adelaide. Just outside Black Pepper, near Oscar Wylee and Prouds. Just down from Big W towards the KMart direction.

Stainless steel straws Westfield TTP

Currently you can find the Lujo Home stand as part of the Flash Retail permanent popup at Westfield Marion Tea Tree Plaza.  Just outside Optus.  A large selection of our reusables, Mulberry silk and bamboo for sale.










What eco reusables do we stock at Westfield Marion and TTP?


A quick and convenient way to shop for quality eco reusables.  Shop at our online store by clicking here, and get delivery straight to your door.  Or drop into our eco pop up shops where you will find our huge range of (this range and location can change at any time as we are mainly an online retailer)


Eco products available at Westfield Marion and Westfield TTP


Why Lujo Home metal straws?


We’re a South Australian owned, family business and our premium, food-grade stainless steel straws are zero waste. They are also BPA, phthalate and aluminium free, eco-friendly, non-toxic, high quality, beautiful and designed to last.



How are Lujo Home reusable straws different?

stainless steel straw review

Real reviews from our real customers

Thinking of buying cheap straws?  You may want to think again.  Many metal straws on the market today are made from low quality steel that ultimately rusts, warps or scratches. Some cause a lingering after taste and others are unpleasant to hold because they get too hot or cold.

Lujo reusable straws are made with 18% chromium and 8% nickel which means they’re more resistant to corrosion from sulphuric and fatty acids in food, thermal expansion and conductivity.

Our reusable straws are also electro polished which means they resist bacterial growth without contributing to an after taste.



Why break up with plastic?


Manufacturing plastic straws pollutes the air, soil and our waterways with toxic chemicals.  Marine animals die from ingesting them and the waste in landfill in non-biodegradable.

Chemicals can also leach from plastic straws into foods and beverages (especially when heated or used for long periods of time) and exposure to BPA and phthalates may affect the central nervous and reproductive systems, the liver and kidneys.



Why don’t we just stop using straws?


Lujo reusable straws may protect your teeth from staining and enamel erosion from coffee and acidic food. Less exposure to sugary substances reduces the risk of bacteria, plaque build-up and decay.

Using metal straws may be useful for people who suffer from dental heat and cold sensitivity when drinking.



Play it safe with all metal straws by:


  • Holding them while you drink to avoid contact with your teeth
  • Making sure you don’t use them while standing/ walking/ driving or running
  • Using our silicone option for older children or adults with fine motor difficulty

Lujo Home does not recommend that children under the age of eight (8) use any metal straws or silicone ends for safety reasons.



What are the options?


Lujo premium, food-grade stainless steel reusable straws are available individually or in sets of four (4).

They come in a range of fresh, modern colours including:

  • Silver
  • Black
  • Gold
  • Rose gold
  • Multi-colour

All straws are either 16cm (cocktail) 21.4cm (regular) or 26cm (XL) long and come in the following diameter options:

  • 6mm standard
  • 8mm smoothie
  • 12mm bubble tea

A straw cleaner and bag is included in each set of four (4).

All standard and smoothie straws come in straight and bent forms whereas our 12mm bubble tea reusable straws come in straight form only.



Why buy metal straws in Adelaide?


If you purchase from our online store, or you come into any of our Adelaide stores or markets, you can make up your own set. You will also be supporting local businesses with your stainless steel straw purchase and you’ll know you are buying quality.  We often hear reports of people not getting what they expected when buying online, but our reusable straws are high quality and affordable.  All stock purchased from our online or retail stores come from stock already in Australia so waiting is minimised.



Payment options


Available with Paypal, credit care, Afterpay, Zippay, Oxipay and Laybuy interest free take home shopping.


Instore Afterpay your metal strawAt Westfield Marion, Westfield TTP, you can also find our silk pillowcases, eye masks, bamboo sheets and more. Deliveries ship all over Australia within 24 hours wherever possible.  In store Afterpay available for your purchases at Lujo Home pop up stores Westfield Marion, Westfield Tea Tree Plaza temporarily in South Australia.




What do our customers think of our stainless steel straws


stainless steel straw review

A real review from real customers

Stainless steel straws – 15/09/18 Tracey H.  Verified Buyer

We are loving the recent purchase of stainless steel straws, the flavour of drinks is amazing. No more plastic straws for me ever again. I’m in love love love with my straws
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