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An Alpaca throw rug, is a beautiful option if you are looking for a luxurious woolen blanket.

There a quite a few differences between Alpaca fleece and wool.

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Alpaca blankets

Alpaca fur is one of the most desirable fibers on the market.  Extremely popular for use in Alpaca blankets and Alpaca scarfs.  Alpaca hair also happens to be one of the most expensive fibers.  Its easy to see why Alpaca blankets are becoming so popular.  Considering the benefits of a pure Alpaca blanket the price is well worth it. Alpaca was traditionally used to make clothing for royalty
and was also known as
“The Fiber of the Gods”.Lujo Home shop our quality alpaca home textiles including alpaca blankets and alpaca scarfs Australia, NZ, USA, Canada

This wonderful Alpaca fiber or fleece is naturally hypoallergenic, exceptional quality, smooth and silky and eco-friendly.  An Alpaca blanket is perfect for someone with sensitivities or health issues.  Alpaca is as warm as sheep’s wool yet only 1/3 of its weight.  Alpaca fiber is naturally stain resistant, does not contain lanolin, wicks away moisture from your body and it is breathable, keeping you warm but not too hot.

Alpaca blankets – There are two types of alpaca fleece or fiber used:

Huacaya, which produce a dense, soft, crimpy sheep-like fiber.

Suri, this breed have silky, pencil-like locks, resembling dreadlocks but without matted fibers.  Suri fleece is highly sought after in the European fashion market and is greatly valued for its silkiness and lustre, which stays lustrous after processing.  Traditionally the Suri is thought to be rarer, most likely because the breed was reserved for royalty during Incan times.

Alpaca fiber is similar in structure to sheep wool fiber.  Its softness comes from a smoother surface than sheeps wool.  Alpaca fibrers have a higher tensile strength than wool fibers.  The alpaca has a very fine and light fleece.  The fleece is water resistant, and a thermal insulator and can resist solar radiation effectively.

Our alpaca blankets and alpaca scarfs are made from the top-quality fiber fleece.

Good quality alpaca fiber is approximately 18 to 25 microns in diameter.

Our fiber ranges from 18 to 22 micrometers in diameter.  Finer fleeces, ones with a smaller diameter, are preferred, and feel much nicer to the skin.

Alpacas come in 22 natural colours, with more than 300 shades ranging from:

  • true-blue black through to:
  • browns-black
  • browns
  • fawns
  • white
  • silver-greys
  • rose-greys
  • The white fiber can be dyed in the largest ranges of colours.

The two classifications of Alpaca blankets we sell at Lujo Home

Royal Alpaca classifications only happen in the Peru Andean regions (and some in nearby Bolivia) These classifications are done by hand.  The artisans select the finest Alpaca fiber from both breeds of Alpaca (Suri and Huacaya).  Due to the skills involved this Alpaca fiber selection is impossible to be done in any other part of the World.

  1. 100% Peruvian Royal Super Baby Alpaca Fleece Fiber
    Microns 19.0 to 19.5  This of fiber is extremely rare, only 1% of total fiber is of this standard, makes it more luxurious to touch.   The smaller the microns of the fiber, the more luxurious and rare it is.
  2. 100% Peruvian Baby Alpaca Fleece Fiber
    Microns 20.0 to 22.9  The smaller the microns of the fiber, the more luxurious and rare it is.


Our Peruvian Alpaca blankets and Alpaca scarfs are Ethically Sourced

Ethically Sourced.  By purchasing anything from our Alpaca blanket and Alpaca scarfes range, you are helping to support many Andean highland families who live below the poverty line. The Alpaca fiber used in our Alpaca blankets and Alpaca scarves, is purchased directly from the local families at a fair-trade price.  This yarn is then processed locally in Peru, from the beginning to end product.  Yarn is not purchased from the oligopoly company players in Peru unlike other products on the market.  Our blankets are the ultimate in luxury straight from the mountains of Peru and the very best local artisans.

All our alpaca fleece items are 100% no-kill, or harm.  Our items are produced by local Peruvian artisans through ancient handcraft techniques, with a modern twist, passed down over generations.  As our production is based in Peru, we have access to the finest alpaca fiber from the Andean mountains.  Peru has 95% as of total alpaca´s population which gives us amazing opportunity to source the best quality.

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