We are a South Australian family run business, with a passion for finding you amazing products.  Looking for silk pillowcases? Mulberry silk eye masks, bamboo sheet sets or maybe some eco reusable straws and eco products?  These are some of our most popular products.

We have many payment options (please see the bottom of our website or the checkout page for more information).

We are passionate about our mulberry silk, bamboo & eco products.  Sustainability, healthier options and ethical sourcing as a main focus for our business.  We source the highest quality Mulberry silk, alpaca fleece and bamboo available.


Melissa at the 2019 Royal Adelaide Show

Meet Melissa, the owner


Starting out at her kitchen table, Melissa knew she wanted to help other people. A long period of incurable autoimmune illness had led her to consider what was really ‘important’ and she knew that family, health, home and feeling cared for and nurtured was priceless.

She also came to realize that feeling positive and reflecting positivity is something none of us can afford to take for granted.

As a result, she began looking for products that would make her and her family feel good, healthy and happy.

Welcome to Lujo Home.




What can I find at Lujo Home?


In her search for suitable products, Melissa thought about what truly made her feel positive and reflect positively.

Ultimately, her choices evolved around feeling good and nurtured so Lujo Home is proud to offer some of the best quality, affordable items that are good for you and the environment.

Silk pillow cases, eye masks, silk filled quilts, metal straws, reusable products, bamboo sheet sets and more.


What makes us different?


Aside from feeling good and nurturing others, Melissa is passionate about quality and that feeling of joy that comes from nurturing and being nurtured.

Her love of people and making connections with others is what drives her to provide personalised customer service and knowing that her products are high quality is what keeps her customers coming back for more.

All of Melissa’s stock is sourced from the highest quality, raw materials designed to have meaningful, durable and noticeable effects.


Why Buy From Us?


You can expect a lot from Lujo Home.  We pride ourselves on providing you with:

  • Quality Alpaca Fleece.  Our Alpaca products are a minimum quality of Peruvian Baby Alpaca and Peruvian Royal Super Baby Alpaca with fiber Microns between 19.0 to 22.9.  Royal Baby Alpaca grade is extremely rare, consisting of the top 1% of all fibers.
  • For overseas shoppers, please keep in mind all our prices are displayed in $AU you will need to keep this in mind when ordering
  • Affordable prices for our luxury items, because we keep our overheads low, we are purely online and source straight from the manufacturer
  • A full 14 day no questions asked money back guarantee on any unopened, unused item.  (excluding Postage costs)


Thank you for taking the time to stop by and learn a little about us. If you have any questions or concerns at all, then feel free to contact us.

Kindest regards


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