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Pillowcases and scrunchies for  great hair  or sleep masks for the
best sleep ever. 

Silk filled quilts for the most  luxurious bedding.

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Meet Melissa, the owner

Starting out at her kitchen table, Melissa knew she wanted to help other people. A long period of illness had led her to consider what was really ‘important’ and she knew that family, health, home and feeling cared for and nurtured was priceless.

She also came to realise that feeling positive and reflecting positivity is something none of us can afford to take for granted.

As a result, she began looking for products that would make her and her family feel good, healthy and happy.

Welcome to Lujo Home.


What can I find at Lujo?

In her search for suitable products, Melissa thought about what truly made her feel positive and reflect positively.

Ultimately, her choices evolved around feeling good and nurtured so Lujo Home is proud to offer some of the best quality, affordable items that are good for you and the environment.

Silk pillow cases, eye masks, silk filled quilts, metal straws, reusable products, bamboo sheet sets and more. 


What makes us different?

Aside from feeling good and nurturing others, Melissa is passionate about quality and that feeling of joy that comes from nurturing and being nurtured.

Her love of people and making connections with others is what drives her to provide personalised customer service and knowing that her products are high quality is what keeps her customers coming back for more.

All of Melissa’s stock is sourced from the highest quality, raw materials designed to have meaningful, durable and noticeable effects.

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Featured Products

  • silk pillowcase australia

    Silk Pillowcase Australia

  • reusable cutlery set

    Reusable cutlery set eco bamboo

  • On Sale! Bamboo toothbrushes lujo home

    Bamboo toothbrush

  • Insulated wine cup Australia

    Insulated wine glass


New Products

  • Silk pillowcase eye mask gift set

    Silk pillowcase and eye mask gift set

  • Reusable coffee cup Australia Purple

    Reusable Coffee Cup Australia

  • Glass straws

    Glass straws

  • Colapsible straw

    Collapsible straws

  • bamboo toothbrush holder

    Bamboo toothbrush holder

  • clothes pegs stainless steel

    Clothes pegs stainless steel


what do our customers think?


“Beautiful quilt, so much lighter than the wool quilts I have used in the past. There is no heavy feeling when it is covering you, It really is a luxurious feeling.

I just can’t believe I waited this long to change to silk!

Melissa is amazing, so easy to talk to and kept me up to date, you definitely do not find this kind of customer service in a big business. Thankyou!.”



“I bought the premium silk pillowcases for my elderly Mum who has extremely delicate and sensitive skin. They are amazing and she is delighted with them.

The customer service provided by Melissa at Lujo Home was second to none. I absolutely recommend both Lujo Home and the products available. Customer service like I received from Melissa is a rarity today. Thanks again Melissa and Lujo Home. A++++++.”

Rod W.


In love. Gorgeous! A delicate, soft silk, great quality and the purple colour really pops! It has been very gentle and fantastic for my curls (minimal frizz), gentle on my face but better yet is very soothing to sleep on. Also, customer service was fantastic, whilst there wasn’t one in stock, they drove out to a store and picked one up for me, which was very generous and kind. Stunning product.

Bianca F.


We are loving the recent purchase of stainless steel straws, the flavour of drinks is amazing. No more plastic straws for me ever again. I’m in love love love with my straws.

Tracey H.

Great quality, shipping was very fast and pricing was fair.

Chelsea S.

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